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Signed Mass at 11:30 am

Every Sunday except 3rd Sunday of every month

Canadian Martyrs Church

100 Main Street, Ottawa ON


For Sacrament of Reconciliation see Father Peter a half hour before Mass or by appointment


le centre diocésain de Gatineau-Hull, 180 Boul, Mont-Bleu, Gatineau QC, third Sunday of every month at 11:00 a.m.

Chaplain's Message

Mark 12: 38-44

Jesus, the Scribes and the Widow


Dear Friends,

Today is Remembrance Day and we wear poppies to remember those who have died in wars and in service to our country. And we remember not just sad past events, death and destruction by war, but also we remember the promise of the fullness of Life in the future. During this whole month of November we are called as Christians to remember those who have gone before us like the fallen leaves of Autumn, marked with the sign of faith. We also believe that we can assist the dead by our prayers and especially at Mass we can help the departed souls so that they may be released from their sufferings.

This is based on the Church’s belief in the Communion of Saints: through our prayers and sacrifices we can help one another here on earth and those who are in Purgatory who are being purified of any sin and eagerly await the glory and shining splendour of the Resurrection. And every time we say, “Amen” in the Mass and when we receive the Eucharist we say “Yes!” to our share in the Resurrection of the Dead.

Fr. Peter Monty, SJ
November 11, 2018


Fr. Michael Depcik's ASL Homilies on a website

Father Michael Depcik


Map & Directions

From 417 East,

• Take exit 118 toward Ave Mann Ave
• Slight left at Lees Ave
• Take the 1st left onto Mann Ave
• Continue onto Greenfield Ave
• Turn left at Main St
The Church is on the right.

From 417 West,

• Take exit 118 for Ave Lees Ave
• Turn right at Lees Ave
• Turn left at Main St
The church is on the right.